About us

ANGO Travel

ANGO Travel has a multi-functional team that consists of people with profiles and qualifications for each work area and – more importantly – who identify with the objectives and spirit of ANGO Travel. In addition to the permanent team, which is presented below, we have a wide network, which we use on occasion, for example to organize special events.


It was he who had the dream ‘ANGO Travel’. He believes that dreams give life a course. Since the beginning of the work at ANGO Travel he has been involved in the development of ANGO Travel. He is responsible for finances, customer management and is the point of contact for ANGO Travel employees. He has years of experience as a manager, is always helpful and makes fellow people happy to think. He is friend of his friends and lives intensely according to the concept ‘Life is beautiful’. He loves nature and adventure, hiking and water sports. Doctoral student in business management.


Since February 2017, Cirina has been working at ANGO Travel as a visa specialist. Visa applications are provided from A to Z. You are in good hands with ANGO Travel and can leave your concerns about the visa entirely to us. For all your questions regarding visas you can always call or email our visa specialist.


With years of experience in the travel industry and hotel industry, Lisette has been working at ANGO Travel as a Marketing Specialist since September 2017. She is responsible for the online marketing, social media and she is the contact point during the Vakantiebeurs in January 2018 and our information evenings about our organized trips to Angola. She has Angolan roots, is fluent in Dutch, English and Portuguese and loves salsa and Kizomba dancing.


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